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Nintendo’s $50 Poke Ball Plus is the ultimate gamepad for Pokemon Let’s Go and Pokemon Go


The Poke Ball Plus.


Pokemon players often share a very simple dream. They want to throw the game’s iconic Poke Ball to catch the cutesy video game creatures. That’s what Nintendo’s new Poke Ball Plus is all about.

It’s a fully functional Bluetooth game controller, complete with joystick and buttons, designed to pair with the upcoming Pokemon Let’s Go game for the Nintendo Switch. You can “throw” the Poke Ball when it’s time to catch Pokemon — and when you do, you’ll hear and feel the Pokemon inside thanks to a built-in speaker, vibrating motors and flashing lights. 



Also: It comes with a free legendary Pokemon to start: Mew.

Plus, it’ll work as a hands-free way to play the Pokemon Go mobile game, too, because it doubles as a Pokemon Go Plus. (If you’re still having a hard time finding that little gadget, this one does the same stuff.)

Today, we’re finding out how much fulfilling that Poke Ball dream will cost: $50/£50/AU$70 for the peripheral by its lonesome, or $100 (likely £100, AU$130) bundled with a copy of Pokemon Let’s Go. Preorders are already open, and it’ll ship Nov. 16.

Nintendo says it’s got around 3 hours of battery life, and you’ll charge it with a USB-C cable.

We’ll be looking to take it for a spin at this week’s E3 game show.

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