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Building your website doesn’t always start with the idea of making money, but somewhere along the way, you may decide that you want to do that. You can make money from selling ad space and selling products. You can also use your website to attract subscribers and teach them something or to offer them an item that gives meaning and value to their lives. Provide services for your subscribers or to your business affiliates. You should use Constant Contact to manage your emails subscribers. Constant Contact has a 60 day free trial (no credit-card required). After that their pricing starts as low as $20/month but my readers can get 20% off so be sure to use my link! These are some of the best money-making website ideas you’ll find anywhere. Using Affiliate Marketing As An Idea To Make Money Online Surely you can think of many other businesses that are interrelated with your website or blog. These are your affiliates and you are one of theirs. It’s probable that many of them are making money from one of the ideas for websites to make money listed right here in the is article. As one of their affiliates, you can make money just by directing, referring, or linking people to their site. Another idea is to advertise their products on your website or blog for sale in exchange for a commission from your affiliate. Money-Making Website Ideas For Creating Products If you have knowledge in any area, write an eBook. It doesn’t have to be thousands of pages—it just has to include information that people want and need. Here’s a list of eBook publishing platforms for you to check out: Kobo Writing Life Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Smashwords Blurb Bookbaby iBooks Author Lulu NOOK press Pronoun eBookit Scribd Watch this video for a live tutorial […]

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